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Friday, April 29, 2011

A New Book

Once, about a million years ago if seems now, I started a book of short stories. Along the way a number of those stories turned into my novel, A Few Degrees Off Center, which has just finished its last revision and is about to go out to readers. Tracy, one of the original Lyrical Pens, and I spent hours discussing what I wanted to do with my short stories and what kind of book I wanted to write around them, settling on what is called a linked story novel or cycle novel. That book is well underway as I've resurrected my study on that genre and I work on my stories. The title and theme have been chosen and a list of possible chapters is drafted. How I wish Tracy was here to talk it all through. I'm sure she gets a good laugh when I talk to her about it almost every day.

I'll keep you posted along the way. I've included a picture of Tracy at the going away party that Linda Busby-Parker gave her. As you can see, she loved to have fun. How cj and Linda and I all miss her. Happy Birthday, Tracy!