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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Old Habits Die Hard

School is upon us, Christmas crafts are in the works, fall writing beckons, but old habits die hard. The rules that school begins and white shoes are worn until after Labor Day, Christmas starts in December, and nothing serious crosses our minds till early September is a hard one for me to abandon. School for my granddaughter starts August 10. It's still 95-100 degrees every day in Mobile! Who wants to wear an impermeable burgundy jumper and layers of clothes, especially shoes in 100 degree weather? You can bet the minute she hits the car every day for at least a month, her shoes will be off and her bare feet dangling in front of the ac vent. And concentrating will be difficult for both of us, but it's a must that I face the focus fairy (how's that for alliteration?) along with her. I promised myself that on her first day of school, the serious edit and revision process of my novel would begin, so next Monday at 7 am, I'll sort the stacks of critique feedback, pull out my notes from all my conferences and classes last year, and get serious. Luckily, I can work barefooted.

If you are a cozy mystery fan, check out Charles Finch's "A Beautiful Blue Death." I have read and loved every one of Anne Perry, Arthur Conan Doyle, and Agatha Christie's mysteries, and Finch is on target managing to bring all three of them alive in his new book series. His style is more classic, almost literary, and I found his characters, settings, and narrative summaries came alive. Hope you enjoy them.

By the way, Tracy has made it easier for you to join our friends group and post comments, so get those cards and letters, well you get the idea..........

Consider a writing group. It's a great way to get feedback and make new friends. Mahala

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