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Thursday, December 31, 2009


It's official. 2009 is closing out eight hours from now. It's so nice to look back over the year and see my productivity with another book edited, manuscripts edited, several publications, some contest wins and honorable mentions, and plenty of enthusiasm left for the novel I'm about to begin editing in earnest and the new book I'm researching.

My family has had its share of hard times in 2009 with the swine flu paying a visit, and my daughter getting laid off without any notice after three years with the company and an exemplary work record. (She wasn't the only one as the company downsizes to close.) We faced the holidays on a wish and a promise. With the help of many good friends we sailed right through. My daughter used these months to work towards finishing her business degree and only has two classes left, while she researched local businesses and sought employment. We tend to be a productive family as you can tell. Not to be outdone, my granddaughter gave up her allowance and fast food with a smile; although, we found out how addicted we all are to McDonald's fries.

We face the new year full of optimism - house cleaned, Christmas wrapped up and being stored as I write this, and resolutions in hand. On the top of my list is to keep you posted weekly on my progress and the process I'm using to do my rewrite. It occurred to me recently that no matter what blog we routinely follow, what writing publication we pour through monthly, or how many writers you hear speak, there is an everlasting list of questions about the writing and editing processes. We all want to hear how someone has done or is doing it in the hopes that a drop of brilliance will spring from the golden apple and make our jobs easier. So, for those of you who are voyeurs at heart, you will get a blow by blow on what's working and what's not as I tackle my re-write.

May you have a safe New Year's Eve and a productive new year! Mahala

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