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Friday, October 1, 2010

AFDOC Lives! #29

It’s been a long time coming and I’m so glad to be back on line with Lyrical Pens. Thank you cj for keeping the home fires burning. Even though I have been in electronic purgatory I have been writing up a storm and revising till my eyes burn. I rarely miss a day of writing and completed the book weeks ago. That’s when the fun {totally tongue in cheek} began.

The first thing I did was read the book from beginning to end and tightened, corrected, and moved things around for the 11th millionth time. The result of that effort was an increase in word count of 75,000 words or so—a book in itself and the addition of roughly 15 chapters. One could never say I’m not verbose. Since I have a proclivity for words ending in ing, cj suggested I seek them out and work on changing Ha! them. I labored over that as I waded back through on a mission to tighten the book. When I was done I had on 6,621 words ending in ing left. What an eye-opener!

In case all of this sounds like I’ve been on a fun excursion, let me set you straight up front. This has been weeks and weeks of hard work, not the least of which was finding Ha!that the written summary of my plot and sub-plots were mediocre at best and needed a more active voice.

So as I bring you up to speed with where AFDOC is over the next few weeks, keep me on your straight arrow prayer list as Haywood Smith writes in her novels. The good news is I still LOVE my book and hope you will too.


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