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Sunday, November 14, 2010

AFDOC Week 41: Imagination

Hey to all you writing turkeys!  That was too good to miss.

Be sure and check out in the very near future.  Linda Busby-Parker, publisher and editor of Excalibur Press has a call for submissions out to all writers for her newest anthology, Muse or Dark Angel: the Writing Life.  Her previous anthologies have sold out and gone to additional printings and are always filled with beautifully written stories by a widely divergent group of writers who converge to create books worth reading and giving as gifts.

As I write this, glitter sprinkles onto my keyboard from all the Christmas projects I've got underway.  If it stands still, it gets a healthy dose of glitter at my house during the holidays.  My friends always know when I'm crafting as I glow for weeks.  No matter how often I shower, I walk around like the Fairy Godmother of Far Far Away.   If you aren't a Shrek fan, you probably get the idea without too much trouble.  That's one of the joys of having a child in the house - I get to watch all the animated movies without a shred of guilt.

Movies on DVD are a wonderful way to stimulate your imagination and add a spark of creativity to your writing especially if you take the time to watch the extras on so many of the DVDs.  They often interview the characters/actors/directors/writers and give tremendous insights into the creative process.  The last Indiana Jones movie has super ones worth taking the time to check out - the movie is great too!

Here's another flash from the past in AFDOC:
Thrilled with her gray flannel, poodle skirt and starched red and white crinolines, Caroline can't  wait to get to her first dance.  As she whirls in front of her mirror, she's pleased with her perfectly matched red sweater set.

Get your turkey before the craziness hits the grocery stores.


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