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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Visions of Writing

Don’t you just love those aha moments? I had one yesterday while talking with another writer. She asked what I envisioned for the children in my creative writing classes. I didn’t have a definitive one-liner to share with her. I rambled about my ideas for them, my passion to help them find their way in a complex world; her face glazed over. She wanted a succinct answer, and I gave her a jumble of what we had already discussed.

Her question stayed with me as I drove home. I help businesses develop their visions and missions and goals. I have a tagline for Written Word – my editing/writing/teaching business. Why couldn’t I translate my goals for the children into a succinct statement?

I’m the writing instructor for the new Azalea City Center for the Arts scheduled to open in August where a plethora of creative instructors will teach children dramatic arts, dance, voice, instruments, photography, art, and, of course, writing. I have lessons outlined and creative activities planned. Why couldn’t I summarize my own vision?

Then, my writing angel (haven’t talked about her in this blog in quite a while) flew into action, and my aha moment came. My vision for the children is the same as my tagline for the adult writers and businesses that I assist.

I want them to have a competitive edge!

My vision is to help them succeed in school, in life, in liking themselves. Like so many of my clients, when someone asked me what my vision was, I froze. Thankfully, my writing angel helped to get back on track.

May your angels visit you often,

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  1. I love this!!! I cant wait to attend your writing camp!!! :-)


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