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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Teens Learning Hooks and Denouement

Teens developing hooks was the assignment and Nathan accomplished that in his second sentence. While there is cozy mystery violence (off stage), his poignant ending speaks volumes.

Kool – Aid

          Mr. Kool walks into his apartment and says, “Sweetie I’m home.” He walks into the kitchen and finds his wife. DEAD.

Mr. Kool bows down on this knees and screams, “No-o-o! I will find the person who did this.”

He walks to the police station to tell the police what has happened to his wife.

The police said, “We will get right to it, sir.”

Mr. Kool walks back to his apartment, and he sees a lot of cops inside. He walks up to the cop in charge of the search and asks, “Have y’all found who it was?”

The cop says, “No, I’m sorry, but we’re close.”

As all the cops are leaving, Mr. Kool thought he saw someone looking in the window. He went outside to see who it was. It was his brother, Mr. Cool. Mr. Kool finds a bloody knife in his hands and asks, “What’s that in your hand?”

Mr. Cool says, “It’s the weapon that I killed your wife with and you too. Right now!”

Mr. Kool gets out a gun and shoots his brother in the head killing Mr. Cool.

Mr. Kool then sits down and starts to cry and while he is crying, it starts to pour down rain.  
                                                                                             Nathan Duncan
                                                                                             Age 13

Good job, Nathan.


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