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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Teen Book Club: Shadow Hunters

Shadow Hunters Book Club at Barefoot Writing Academy began in October 2013. The teens chose their name and select the books they want to read with editorial privilege retained by yours truly.

I'm very proud of this group of young teens who are all like to write and some are also illustrators. They have made a lot of progress in a shot period of time.

We meet once a week and nosh while we talk about the books we love, the ones we don't, and question how and why the authors made the decisions they did.

The club has done some heady work during the past two months among tons and tones of giggles. 

Mission:  Shadow Hunters Book Club is dedicated to the craft of writing through the provision of a supportive environment for emerging teenage writers and readers.

Vision:    To promote creativity in writing and reading through a community-based network of teenage writers and readers that are dedicated to acquiring knowledge and skill related to writing and reading.

Values:    Integrity                 Collaboration              Community
                Creativity                Support                       Education

Goals:       I.   Provide a trustworthy forum for teenagers to share information,        successes, and the challenges of the writing life and understanding the written word.

                            II.   Assist members to read and understand different genres of books and short stories.

                         III.   Look for the obscurities that make characters, settings, plots, voice, dialogue, hooks, pacing, tension, and narrative work successfully.

                         IV.   Support community arts activities for the teenage writer and reader.

We hope that you will enjoy their book reviews and encourage to ask questions and leave comments on this blog.      Mahala

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