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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Deadly Star in new sales promo

cj Sez: First . . . I want to pass along the good news that publisher Crimson Romance has included my DEADLY STAR in their "Running to Love" bundle of novels, tentatively slated for release on October 27. That's TEN romantic suspense stories for 99 cents! Means I might earn about a penny in royalties, but look at all the people who (hopefully) get enticed to read my novel. %>)

Next . . . It's official. I either have to get the lawn tractor fixed or hire a herd of goats. My two-acre yard is almost three weeks behind in needing mowing, and the recalcitrant lawn tractor refuses to cooperate by allowing itself to be repaired. We're now on option three of electrical parts. If this fix doesn't work, I'll have to give in and take the thing to an expert: A Professional Mechanic.

Kind of reminds me of a work-in-progress. I take the manuscript as far as I can take it (critique group, several edit cycles, a manuscript exchange among two or three out-of-state authors that write in my genre, beta readers), and then, to really get it ready to publish, I have to take it to an expert: An Editor. That's because I'm sure to have missed something in the plot or character development that makes the story work. Something like what's obviously wrong with the lawn tractor (i.e., the nut behind the wheel is loose).

Getting an editor is a "given" for any author. Typing "The End" is the beginning of another phase of getting published. Whether you're submitting queries or undertaking the task of self-publishing, having your manuscript professionally edited is an essential part of the process. Editor-proof your novel . . . Do not skip that step.

By the way, the "Running to Love" bundle is being made available on all of the publisher's sites, including and B& After you've had a chance to read the stories, please let the authors know what you think by taking a few moments to give them a review. We appreciate your feedback.

That's all for today. You-all guys keep on keeping on, and I'll try to do the same.


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