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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Not the Same Old Characters

Barefoot Writing Academy
Online Class
Character Development 101
This class is for beginning writers and those with writing experience who want to develop characters with greater depth.
Character Development 102 is for experienced writers of fiction. Scheduled for 2016.
October 26 - November 23, 2015
5 weeks
Limited to 10 students
Check or Charge Card
Mahala Church, instructor
Course Description
Creating believable characters is something every fiction author must master. Learn the difference between writing a book that resonates with readers, which translates into sales, and writing a dust collector.
Week 1
Five Simple Things to Get Started
Week 2
Not the Same Old Worksheet
Week 3
Sidekicks, Secondary, and Dysfunctional Characters
Week 4
Partnership of Character and Plot
Week 5
Wrapping up loose ends
Exercises: roughly 1 hour a week

Feedback between group members

Feedback from instructor

Discussion on lessons
Join free Yahoo group site to receive and submit lessons, exercises, and feedback. Site is open to paid registered members only.

Use Microsoft Word 2003 or higher to submit exercises and feedback to group.
Reading Material
Lessons distributed once a week.

Book: none required.

 Write like you mean it!   Mahala

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