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Sunday, February 4, 2018

A lot going on in the publishing world

cj Sez:  PIECES ANTHOLOGY… a collection of short stories and poems by more than 20 authors from the Gulf Coast of Alabama, including USA TODAY best-selling authors Carolyn Haines and Craig A. Price Jr., is scheduled to launch Feb 6.

Other authors featured in the anthology include: Candice Conner, Joyce Scarbrough, Lady Lester, Frances Roberts, Ron Polizzi, Mavis M. Jarrell, Dee Jordan, Oksana Leslie, Rachell Jackson, Carrie Dalby, Caren Rich, Isabella N. Jetten, D. Dean Carroll, Steven Moore, Ross Conner Smith, Christa Stanley, Jodie Cain Smith, Jim Hancock, and Me, cj petterson. Compiled by the Mobile Writers Guild, the collection is available for pre-order.  Buy it now at

Mystery Writers of America Edgar Awards . . . Celebrating the 209th anniversary of the birth of Edgar Allan Poe, the Mystery Writers of America announced their nominees for the 2018 Edgar Allan Poe Awards, honoring the best in mystery fiction, non-fiction and television published or produced in 2017. The Edgar® Awards will be presented to the winners at the MWA 72nd Gala Banquet, April 26, 2018, in New York City.

I was excited to see that I actually knew some of the awesome nominees. To find out how many you know and/or have read, click here:

And all you indie-published or plan-to-be indie-published authors, pay attention to the cover designs as well. Lots of cues there.

The Trouble Cat Collective of Mystery and Romance Writers is delighted to offer The Trouble with Cupid, an anthology of 10 short stories—all featuring fun-sized bites of Trouble, the black cat detectiveas a Valentine's Day offering. All proceeds from the sales of the anthology go to BEST FRIENDS ANIMAL SANCTUARY . . . a lot of homeless pets are depending on us to help them out. This is a chance to read 10 great mysteries spiced with romance and do some from-the-armchair charitable work as well. The animals (especially) and the Trouble Cat Collective thank you for your support. Buy it here:

Claws for Concern by Miranda James, Author

From the author:  
“Three weeks from (Jan 30), the ninth ‘Cat in the Stacks’ mystery, CLAWS FOR CONCERN, will be released in both hardcover and e-book formats. If you intend to purchase either format and haven't already pre-ordered, please consider doing so. Publishers pay a lot of attention to pre-order numbers. Thanks, as always, for the support of cozy readers!”

Pre-order it now here:

cj Sez: Piggy-backing onto what Miranda said, pre-order numbers are also important for the Mobile Writers Guild anthology, PIECES, so please order as soon as you can.

That’s all for this post. You-all guys keep on keeping on, and I’ll try to do the same.

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  1. Congrats on the new story! The anthology looks great.

    1. cj Sez: I'm excited to see it (my personal copy hasn't arrived yet). Thanks, Kaye, for stopping by!


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