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Sunday, February 9, 2020

Pieces of my life

cj Sez:   Today, Feb. 9, VALENTINE'S DAY PIECES authors are signing books at The Haunted Bookshop in downtown Mobile from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. There will be goodies, laughter, authors to meet, and books to buy.

  P.S.: There are no Mardi Gras parades scheduled (I checked) to interfere with your trip to join us at 109 Dauphin Street.  

   Several of the VALENTINE'S DAY PIECES authors gathered for a book signing at The Mobile Bookseller on Friday, and here’s the proof. Left to right...Crystal Byrd, Candice M. Conner, me, Sheliah Schodlbauer, Christa Stanley, Joyce Scarbrough (who is also the awesome editor and formatter of the anthology).  Fun day.


Passing along information…

   The following two links (click on the date) will take you to some good stuff. I found the info in these posts on Jane Friedman’s blog very helpful and interesting. Maybe you will, too.

Jane’s Guide to Getting the Most Out of a Writers Conference
Posted on

Intellectual Property: The Big Picture for Authors (by Ethan Ellenberg)
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On the personal front…

   I made it to the finish line for one of my short story deadlines (haven’t heard yet if it was accepted…fingers crossed) and gave up on the other. I was way too distracted by real life to get my mind around a fictional life.  

   My novel-work-in-progress needs at least an additional 20,000 to 25,000 words because if I stopped right now I would have to put “the end” at the bottom of 43,000 words. Not nearly enough words, so another EDIT cycle will happen.

   But…the story will again go back on the mental shelf while I start gathering up all the data and documents I need to file my personal and author tax returns. I was waiting for the publisher's royalty form which arrived a few days ago, but there are a couple of more tax forms to come in. Once that happens, I’ll make an appointment with the CPA and that will (maybe) keep me from procrastinating. How are you doing with your taxes?
   That’s all for this week’s post. You-all guys keep on keeping on, and I’ll try to do the same.

   Autographed print copies of CHOOSING CARTER, DEADLY STAR, and THE POSSE are still available at the Haunted Bookshop. TO ORDER (and support an indie bookstore) contact The Haunted Bookshop here: The Haunted Bookshop  Angela Trigg, the awesome owner and an award-winning author in her own right (writing as Angela Quarles) will be happy to ship you the book(s) of your choice. If you’re in Mobile area, do stop in at the book store; it’s a neat place to browse.

   These friendly people make a point to shelve the books of local authors, and VALENTINE’S DAY PIECES anthology is also available there. If they don’t happen to have any copies of any book(s) you want, they’ll place an order for you.

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  1. Your gathering sounds fun--good group of writers! Good luck on the short novel. I've been there many, many times.

    1. It was fun group, and I ate way too many of the Hershey's kisses I brought for everyone else. Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for the good luck on the short novel...I DO need it.


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