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Sunday, May 17, 2020

Changing genres, keeping voice

cj Sez:  First things first: CONGRATULATIONS to the winner of my Amazon gift card in last week's "Bienvenue to the Chateau" Facebook Hop!

THE WINNER IS . . . TERRI QUICK. Congratulations, Terri, and THANK YOU to everyone who joined in celebrating the launch of the anthology and letting me enter their names in my contest.
   After a busy week of Facebook hopping and family crises, I’m now back at the keyboard, thinking up another adversity for the protagonist in my short story work-in-progress. Writing a suspense/mystery is a learning process for me, and my current WIP also has a paranormal vibe to it—yet another genre challenge.

   What remains the same among the genres in which I write is that I want my protagonist to be likable with a sassy dialogue, have some personality quirks, and carry a bit of backstory baggage to be dropped intermittently into the story (no info dumps, please). There is a unique setting and a love interest to add a little jazz. Each of the main characters, including the bad guy, has a secret that I hope will generate some degree of sympathy.

   Where I’m struggling in this project is with the clues and red herrings. Where and how do I place them so they invite the reader deeper into the suspense/mystery?

   I am a pantser, or more accurately, a pathfinder. I begin knowing how a story starts, and I kind of know how it will end. Unlike following a beautifully constructed plot, I like the excitement of finding my way through the story by building roadblocks for my protagonist then figuring out how to have her escape and move forward. For this suspense/mystery WIP, I am going to have to do a bit of {gasp} plotting before I can drop the clues and weave red herrings into places that best invite the reader to continue the journey to the end.

   Like all manuscripts, my story will change and grow with each edit cycle. My characters, settings, clues, and red herrings will be (hopefully) more thoroughly developed.

   What I really like about this project is that I’m learning new things. My personal goal is, and has always been, to learn something new every day—this story is certainly helping me reach my goal. How about you? Do you have a personal goal you're working toward?

   That’s it for today’s post. You-all guys keep on keeping on and washing your hands, and I’ll try to do the same. (That's me going out for groceries.) 

Prayers going up for your health and safety.

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