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Sunday, June 28, 2020

July 4th is coming up ...have you started your Christmas shopping yet?

cj Sez:  Next weekend is July Fourth … Independence Day … the celebration of the birth of independence for the United States of America.

  As a nation, we are sadly less united this year than we’ve been in a very long time, but I appreciate where I live and the freedoms I have, freedoms fought and died for by heroes since the 1700s. And the struggles continue. I stand to honor our flag, place my hand over my heart to recite the pledge of allegiance to that flag, and am happy and proud to be an American...and so is Lee Greenwood: 

P.S. July 4 is also the birthday of Mahala Church, one of the original authors of Lyrical Pens. Happy  Birthday, Mahala, and best wishes for many, many more.

Following up on last week’s post about review trolls, here’s my idea about what the number of review stars means to me:

1 star      Didn’t like it at all. It had major issues, as in perhaps it didn’t meet expectations for the genre.  Example: If it was supposed to be a romance but didn’t have a happily ever after ending. (Personally, I wouldn’t give a story like this a review because it really deserved zero stars, and I can’t do that.)
2 stars    Kind of liked it, but there were too many errors. Those errors could include a lot of punctuation mistakes, facts wrong, poor characterizations, settings not described or wrong, or a thread introduced in the beginning of the story didn’t get tied up.
3 stars    Liked it. Didn’t skip paragraphs or pages. Had no trouble reading to the end.
4 stars    Good story. Well told. Really liked it. Captured my attention.
5 stars    Loved this story. Happy to recommend it.

   Now that I’ve re-read my personal take on what review stars mean—with apologies to the all the authors who desperately want 5-star reviews, myself included—I’m going to have to revise how I score the stories I read. I would expect my stories to receive the same kind of consideration.

   One rule I have: Unless pushed to the edge, I do not want to write a review for close friends’ books. If I don’t like the story, it’ll cost me a friendship. If I like it but don’t give it as many stars as they expect or that I gave to someone else, it’ll cost me a friend.
   That’s it for today’s post. You-all guys keep on keeping on, and I’ll try to do the same, (Sending up prayers for your health and safety.) 


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This is a wonderful array of short stories about an awesome hotel and an incredible staff. Totally keeps your attention through each story.”

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