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Sunday, August 23, 2020

Tropical storms and anthologies

cj Sez: I don’t have to ask what’s next for 2020 because the weather channel informs me there’s a good chance that TS/cum Hurricanes Laura and Marco which are entering the Gulf of Mexico might just make a visit to my home.

Passing along writerly info . . .

Why anthologies can be good things…this from author Chuck Jackson:   
  “I have often seen promotions for a writing contest. There seems to be a proliferation of them covering every genre of writing. Daily, when I’m scanning the many blog post that I follow, I see their announcements. I frequently wish I had the time needed to write something original or unique to submit. But I’ve learned if you will invest the time in a contest that fits your style, you can get the recognition you seek. The ones that catch my attention aren’t the ones that offer only cash prizes; although, I wouldn’t refuse the money. I notice the ones that provide their anthology to include my writing. 
  If you win a cash prize only contest, after they make the announcement on the host site, and you spend the cash prize, that ends the acclamation. What does an anthology offer? An anthology doesn’t stop at the communiqué. Every time a reader sees and hopefully purchases the book, you get the desired effect.”

  Read more of his blog post here:

  Killer Nashville announced the winners for their Claymore and Silver Falchion contests. Read all about it here: 


A flash fiction contest with no entry fee and a cash prize! 
  This from Bienvenue Press: “We are pleased to announce our 2020 Halloween Short Story Contest! 1st place winner receives $50!”  Submission info here: 

  Last day to submit is September 30. (cj sez: I can’t believe I’m writing that, because it’s only a little over a month away. The last thing I remember before the earth went spinning out of control was being treated by my grandson to “Sunday Afternoon Tea with the Mobile Opera” … on March 8.)

Speaking of anthologies . . .
  My romantic suspense short story, tentatively titled “The Substitute,” has been accepted for inclusion in Bienvenue Press’s 2020 Christmas charity anthology, HOMEROOM HEROES.

  My tale is about an FBI agent working undercover as a substitute adapted physical education teacher for physically and mentally challenged students while he investigates Federal fraud and tax evasion. He is, at the same time, making a move on the beautiful, first-grade teacher assigned to help him with his students.

  The inspiration for the story is my lovely daughter-in-law who is one of those special adapted PE teachers as well as a Special Olympics volunteer.

  Part of the proceeds from book sales will benefit the Acadiana Writing Project. Be sure and watch for news of the pre-order and launch date! 


  That’s it for today’s post. You-all guys keep on keeping on, and I’ll try to do the same, (Raising prayers for your health and safety.)


P.S.  I dropped off signed copies of my short story (“Love is Immortal”) in the BIENVENUE TO THE CHATEAU ROUGE anthology at The Haunted Bookshop. TO ORDER my autographed books or any book of your choice on-line from my favorite indie bookstore, contact The Haunted Bookshop here: The Haunted Bookshop  The store has re-opened to limited hours, so you can stop and shop, too.

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