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Sunday, January 3, 2021

Have you set New Year's resolutions?

cj Sez: I admit I was never able to keep any New Year’s resolutions. Then my career in a corporate environment taught me to use the word “goals,” and a light bulb went off.
   The writer in me said, no wonder I can’t keep a resolution. The word “resolution” seems like a passive ending…you know, set it and forget it.
   I think of the word “goal” as inferring action…constant striving to reach it or be defeated.
   I have one goal for 2021, and that is to not quit writing for public consumption because the thought has crossed my mind. I love words, the syntax and cadence of a well-crafted sentence, paragraph, chapter, story, but enthusiasm wanes and ennui waxes when I contemplate self-publishing and marketing my novels.

Some good things about 2020

   When I first saw Mr. Scrappy Rooster on Facebook, I wasn't sure if he was the winner or the loser, but then I thought, he's not only upright, he’s strutting, He’s definitely the winner. 

  He made sure it wasn’t 2020-won for him; it’s 2021-365 days of opportunities ahead. 

  I’m thinking about making him my mascot and pasting his image on the wall above my computer—to keep me focused on my goal. (Though I might look a lot like him as I skid into the end of the year.)
   I was going to crow about the publication of my four short stories in four different anthologies in 2020 (the latest is in the charity anthology HOMEROOM HEROES from Bienvenue Press), but then I saw this quote from  prolific author John Floyd: 
“By the way, to those of you who have asked, my final count for 2020 was 43 stories published. The only good thing about the whole year.”
  Egads, John…Congratulations!

cj Sez: I want to end this first Lyrical Pens post of 2021 with Billy Graham’s prayer for a new beginning for all of us…

"Our Father and our God, as we stand at the beginning of this new year we confess our need of Your presence and Your guidance as we face the future. We each have our hopes and expectations for the year that is ahead of us—but You alone know what it holds for us, and only You can give us the strength and the wisdom we will need to meet its challenges. So help us to humbly put our hands into Your hand, and to trust You and to seek Your will for our lives during this coming year. In the midst of life’s uncertainties in the days ahead, assure us of the certainty of Your unchanging love." —Billy Graham
  That’s it for today’s post. You-all guys keep on keeping on, and I’ll try to do the same.


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  1. Does John Floyd know how bad he makes us look? I had 3 short stories published. He's too nice a guy to be upset with, though. I also had 2 novels published, so maybe they count for several short stories? Anyway--onward--2021, here at last!

    1. cj Sez: Ha Ha. You bet, two novels count for several short stories, and I agree, John Floyd is a very nice guy. Onward, indeed. The alternative isn't a good idea. Take care, and be safe.

  2. I had 2 short stories, 1 magazine article, and 1 poem published in 2020 and I am very proud of those pieces, haha! I just finished a 5 Day Reignite Your Writing Challenge, and the author who put together the challenge had us look at it at goals instead too. Very helpful and now I know exactly what I hope to accomplish in 2021 and the steps/milestones to make it happen!

    1. cj Sez: Goals are the only thing that can keep me straight. Your pubs for 2020 are exceptional I think because you're also an on-demand mom for two beautiful kids. That takes a lot of juggling. Best wishes for a successful and healthy 2021.


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