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Saturday, August 28, 2021

Hurricane Ida put a crimp in my timing

cj Sez: I would normally spend Saturday evening keyboarding my Sunday blog, but Hurricane Ida has put a crimp in my timing and deadened my creative thoughts.

   Mobile, Alabama, is not in the exact path of the storm, but we'll get winds and storm surge. Between my cracked internet provider and storm-downed power lines, no computer access is de rigueur in my neighborhood, ergo the need for an early post.

   We spent a big part of the day stowing away and tying down yard/patio items, pumping gas in the cars in crowded gas stations and cans of ethanol-free gasoline for the generator and power saw.

   I have an all-electric house, and I’m not sure my little, portable generator can handle my electric stove together with my freezer/fridge/and all-important A/C, so also on my list of prepping for the storm today is making extra pots of coffee so I can heat up a cup in a pan on the grille.

Writerly/Readerly quote:

cj’s Review:
Revenge is Sweet by author Kaye George

   Tally Holt, a specialty candy/cookie maker, and Yolanda Bella, a handcrafted-basket maker, become friends when they happen to set up storefront shops next to each other. The two crafty women are struggling to make a go of their businesses in touristy Fredericksburg, Texas, when a local lothario is found murdered in the candy maker’s store, stabbed with the basket maker’s scissors. They find themselves in a race to find the real killer before the police gather enough evidence to pin the murder on one or both of them.

Revenge is Sweet is filled to the brim with clever characters, clues, hints, red herrings, tidbits of budding romances, and plot twists and turns that will keep any fan of cozy mysteries happy.

Recommended reading!

(cj’s transparency comment: I won this book in a random drawing contest.)


   Please keep those in the path of Hurricane Ida in your thoughts and prayers. Louisiana had four storm system hits last year, and people are still recovering. If Hurricane Ida’s landfall happens on Sunday as predicted, the devastation arrives fifteen years to the day of Hurricane Katrina’s deadly landfall.
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   That’s it for today’s post. You-all guys keep on keeping on, and I’ll try to do the same. 

(Corona Raccoon is back.) 


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  1. Oh gosh, all those storm preparations! I sure hope you make it through this OK!!! Ida is turning out to be a rager. I wonder if you can even get to this to read it today. We should get a lot of rain on Tuesday and Wednesday, but will be okay here. West of Nashville, they are still recovering for a catastrophic flood and I hope they get missed. 
    THANKS so very much for the review!! Stay safe!!!

  2. cj Sez: Hello, Kaye. Thanks for stopping by. We've managed to stay on-line so far because the winds haven't hit Mobile as hard as places to our West, for which I am very grateful and very sad for those who did get the brunt of the storm. Our rain has come in waves, so there's been a bit of time to drain some of it off. The forecast is for another 3 or 4 inches today. My yards are literally ankle-deep lakes, and I'm sure there are limbs down in the "back 40", but that will wait until another day. Good to see that your forecast is not so dire. Thanks for the good wishes, and back to you!


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