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Sunday, March 13, 2022

Spring is coming

cj Sez: The temperature was forecast to fall to 28° F last night in Mobile. My tender plants were sheltered, but I’m thinking about the feral kitties I feed but can’t protect. I hope they found a spot out of that cold, north wind. Winter had to make a final appearance, I guess, because the first day of Spring (in the Northern Hemisphere) is next week.


Also coming soon …. Harbor Humane Society's first book - "THE BIG FANG" anthology is tentatively scheduled for release in April! This anthology, with short stories from 22 different authors, is full of mystery, murder, love, humor and more; and always involves an animal of some shape or form! 

  It will be available for purchase on Amazon and in person at the shelter and the Harbor Humane Resale Store with all proceeds returning to Harbor Humane to support their animal rescue work. 

P.S. My latest cozy mystery short, "Firebug," is included in this charity anthology. Watch for it!



My review of THE NEW IBERIA BLUES by James Lee Burke
A Dave Robicheaux Novel
A mystery, unflinchingly told. My rating: 5 stars

  James Lee Burke is one of my favorite mystery authors, and as always, his vivid deep-point-of- view in THE NEW IBERIA BLUES cinematically shows readers place, setting, and characters...and in this story some scenes are harsh.

  Early on in the story, Detective Dave Robicheaux, James Lee Burke’s familiar main character, describes a long-time friend as “He didn’t fit into a categorical shoe box and, consequently, got into trouble with everyone.” Fans of Burke will understand that the description is a perfect fit for Robicheaux as well. 

  Robicheaux is tempted to try to reclaim his youth when he's paired with a pretty and much-younger partner. He struggles to maintain his mature cool and stay out of trouble with the local police while he searches for an escaped prisoner who could be the serial killer leaving mutilated bodies strewn around Louisiana’s muddy bayou waters. There is, of course, a twisty ending.


Advice. A Warning. Encouragement. For all the aspiring writers:


That’s it for today’s post. You-all guys keep on keeping on, and I’ll try to do the same.


P.S.  The Haunted Bookshop has signed paperback copies of my books in stock. TO ORDER my author-graphed books or any book of your choice on-line from a favorite, indie bookstore, contact The Haunted Bookshop here:

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