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Friday, June 11, 2010


Took some down time from my writing this week to reflect on the completion of my first novel revision. Tossed out notes I knew I had entered into the story and kept those I haven't just-in-case. Read a lot on how to write and revise a novel. Critiqued the opening of a novel for a friend and a short story for another and worked on a book review for a new client. All in all a profitable writing week although the novel has no new revisions other than in my mind. It's ever present in my heart and mind. Spent some quality time with my granddaughter who is on summer break and loving it. And spent a lot of time helping my daughter get her new business ready to open next week. As my friend, Linda Busby-Parker wrote on her blog yesterday, life is all about relationships.
Sarah & McKenzie - 2 of our rescues

Check out cj's comments about Stieg Larsson below under Books to Read. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is an intelligently written book full of twists and unexpected surprises. Starts very slow to me, but so worth the effort to keep reading as it gets better and better with every page. I too am on the waiting list at the library.

Enjoy your friends and spend some time smiling this week just because you can.


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