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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Short story struggles

I’m still trying to write that combination of a plot- and character-driven story, and now I’m stuck on the last few pages of a short/short story. I’ve got the formula (per Ann Lamont’s “Bird by Bird”), but the last few pages . . .

I find the task of writing a “literary” story is a huge challenge because I am less than enthralled with paragraphs and paragraphs of narrative and internal monologue. Elmore Leonard’s penchant for dialogue is what appeals to me. The styles are, I think, polar opposites, and I’m really struggling.

Actually, Tracy tells me that she needs to see more struggling from my protagonist. She also tells me that I have, so far, “A wonderful character sketch.” Sigh.

Since Tracy is one of the best writing analysts I know, I also know she is drop dead-on about what’s wrong with the story and why I haven’t finished the thing. But, I am determined to finish.

The picture, one of Jeff Johnston's, is called Glade Creek Mill, and I mentally dangle my feet in the water at the foot of the falls when I need a break from summer heat in Mobile . . . and from writing.

You keep on keeping on, and I’ll try to do the same.


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