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Monday, July 29, 2013

Brave Momma

And least you think Tessa is timid with all her female leads, she gives us this brave encounter when a strange man walked up to her with a package.

It was like every other late night, walking through the city park with her one year old son, Ricky. She walked around the big circle like she always had for the past two years. She turned her iPod on high to block out the city noise.

When she noticed Ricky dropped his favorite toy, a blue tiger, she turned her music off and bent down to pick up the toy. When she gave the toy back to Ricky and looked at her iPod to turn the music back on, she saw a huge figure in front of her. Quite naturally, it scared her to death.

A few seconds went by before the figure said anything then he pulled out a gun from his pocket and demanded money and her iPod.

She didn't know what to think, so she acted, grabbing his hand and arm and pulling his arm forward until his whole body was on the ground.

She held the man down, grabbed her phone, and called the police.

Tessa Herring

Don't mess with this momma!     Mahala

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