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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Writing Contest

                            Secret Santa
For the past eleven days, you have received a gift from an anonymous friend. Your ego has celebrated each of the lovely gifts. However, today’s gift – the 12th - wasn’t like the others. It’s a picture of someone you love (your choice: son, daughter, mother, father, wife, husband, etc.) and they’re clearly doing something they shouldn’t. A note demanding $25,000 in cash is clipped to the photo. It will go live on the Internet if you don’t pay the $25,000 by noon tomorrow.
In 500 words or less, write a scene or flash fiction story explaining how you handle this. Send entries to  Deadline December 31, 2013.
1st Place:  Free edit by Mahala of first ten pages of your WIP or short story of 2,500 words or less and a copy of It Takes a Certain Type to be a Writer by Erin Barrett and Jack Mingo.

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