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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Freelancer's Life

Wow! It feels great to post again. A special thanks to cj for keeping the home fires burning these last months.

What have I been doing? Writing and editing and writing and editing…. You get the idea.

Mammatus Clouds
The life of a freelancer is akin to a rainstorm—rainstorm being a good thing. Sometimes the wind blows and shrieks. Sometimes the wind quietens but rain continues to pour. And sometimes the wind whips itself into a frenzy and whirls until a tornado sweeps away everything in its path. I’ve been in the frenzy stages with - thankfully - so many wonderful projects and clients that the storm took on a life of its own. So, I took a step backwards when I realized that my writing was being woefully shortchanged.

What to do?

I am an inveterate list maker, so……………….

  •  Making a living is definitely high on the list.

  •  Spending time with family and friends is high on the list.

  •  Finishing my books is on high on the list.

 What I wanted to do was flip the list upside down, but my checkbook would be aghast. I had two exciting non-fiction editing jobs that were going well, so my clients would be aghast.Not finishing my books when I'm so close would send me into a state of aghastness. If Shakespeare could make up words, why not the Church Lady?

Hard decisions had to be made if my writing was ever to see the light of delighted readers. Yes, I did intend to say that.

So, dear teacher, this is How I spent my summer.

Wrote my own work every single day - 7 days a week. Some days for an hour. Some days for hours.  The result? One book 80% complete. One book refurbished and on its way. One short story won the Alabama Writers’ Conclave 2014 Competition for my short story, “Yellowed Picture.” One piece accepted for publication in an anthology. I came together with five talented writers to form a new critique group that meets every other week, which helps keep me focused. All in all a win win.

Worked every single day for my clients. The result, first draft of one book completed and the development and writing of a second book 90% completed. Joined a new marketing team approach to help an entrepreneur grow a new business. I'm counting that a win win.

Spent time with my family and had fun doing what we do best - laughing! A total win win.

Downside of all of this, my contributions to our blog took a dive, but now I’m back with a new perspective, exciting ideas, and writing information to share.

I’ve missed all of you!               Mahala

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