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Sunday, March 8, 2020

It’s a Super Worm Moon and Other Important Stuff

cj Sez: Let’s get to the Other Important Stuff first: Local or near-local readers and writers, mark your calendars for Saturday, March 21, and a FREE event:  the Mobile Literary Festival

Tidbits to share

  Writers Digest is hosting its 28th Annual Self-Published Book Awards this year. Whether you’re a professional writer, a part-time freelancer, or a student, here’s a chance to enter a competition exclusively for self-published books. If you’re interested, go to and don’t dawdle…the deadline for entries is April 1, 2020, and that’s no joke. 

Kirkus says . . .
   If you’re self-published or published by a small traditional press that has an equally small or no publicity department, take note. Kirkus posted a piece with tips on how to get your new book baby a chance at a professional book review. (They say a book review can be a game changer that can be spun into book sales.) Read more here:
On a personal note:

   I attended a local workshop on Saturday, hosted by The Haunted Books Shop and led by visiting, international authors Jennifer K. Dick and Lisa Pasold. They discussed the process of using other authors’ books and visuals as writing prompts. For one exercise, we opened a random book to a random page, and using the first five or seven words on the page, put pen to paper to create our own stories. The goal was to incentivize daily writing to build our own unique voices. Try it...You might like it. I thought the workshop was interesting and worthwhile, and it was free. Great combination. To learn more about Lisa Pasold, her background and writing credentials, go to  For more about Jennifer K. Dick, see


Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday are auspicious days this week

Toon was captured from Facebook

Super Worm Moon: The First Supermoon of the Year

   On March 9, you may (depending on the cloud cover where you live) get to be enthralled by the first supermoon on the 2020 calendar.

   The March full moon traditionally goes by the name Worm Moon, which refers to the earthworms and grubs that tend to emerge from their winter dormancy at this time of year, marking a sure sign of spring!

   cj sez: I wonder if those little invertebrates remembered to turn their internal clocks ahead on hour. Which brings up the question: Did you remember to Spring Forward and lose an hour of sleep?

   That’s it for this week’s post. You-all guys keep on keeping on and I’ll try to do the same.

   Autographed print copies of my novels CHOOSING CARTER and DEADLY STAR are available at The Haunted Book Shop. Several of the anthologies in which I have stories, including the Mobile Writers Guild PIECES anthology series, are also available. If they’re sold out or don’t happen to have a copy of any book(s), by any author that you want, they’ll place an order for you.

   TO ORDER (and support an indie bookstore) contact The Haunted Bookshop here: The Haunted Bookshop  Angela Trigg, the awesome owner and an award-winning author in her own right (writing as Angela Quarles) will be happy to ship you the book(s) of your choice. If you’re in Mobile area, do stop in at the book store; it’s a neat place to browse.

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