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Sunday, March 22, 2020

Spring isn’t the only thing that’s sprung, but moving right along…

cj Sez: Lots of stuff to pass along today. Old Man Winter might be hanging on in some parts of the world, but spring in the Northern Hemisphere has officially begun.

   From a Google search: “In 2020, the spring equinox (also called the March equinox or vernal equinox) occurs on Thursday, March 19, which is earlier than it's been in over a century. Astronomically speaking, the first day of spring is marked by the spring equinox, which falls on March 19, 20, or 21 every year. The equinox happens at the same moment worldwide, though our clock times reflect a different time zone. This date not only signals spring’s beginning in the Northern Hemisphere, it announces fall’s arrival in the Southern Hemisphere.”

Stay out of trouble
   If you’re doing podcasts, here are some tips to keep you out of legal trouble:
Info about a historic quarantine from the DAR Museum’s Facebook page ( DAR Museum ):

   “…’tis said that the Schools are all broke up… the offices are almost all shut up— and little business done, —the doors of the Houses where the infection is, are ordrr’d to be mark’d, to prevent any but those that are absolutely necessary from entering— such is the Melancholy and distressing state of our poor City.” (1793, Elizabeth Drinker)

   The yellow fever epidemic of 1793 decimated the city of Philadelphia. It was terrifying in its rapid spread and mortality rate, especially since no one knew how the disease was transmitted. In her diary, Elizabeth records the fear and uncertainty: people fled the city if they could, others grasped at any remedy they heard might prevent sickness, like carrying a rope covered in tar. (FYI: it does not work)  We know now that yellow fever is spread by mosquitos…”

cj Sez: Looking for something to do during our mandated "self-quarantine and social distancing?"

   A couple of weeks ago, I posted info about a local workshop I attended at the Haunted Book Shop in Mobile, led by visiting international authors Jennifer K. Dick and Lisa Pasold. I recently learned that they have a new blog and are inviting authors to participate…It’s called Self-Quarantine Lines and can be found at  This from Jennifer:  “We are calling on anyone that is interested to ‘post’ their own poems, stories, lines or reactions in comments sections under the pieces that are being posted by authors from around the world (France, Luxembourg, Scotland, England, The USA, Canada, The Netherlands, Israel, etc.). See the ‘About’ explainer at top.”

(cj Sez: Sounds like a fun project!)

   If you have a Mobile (AL) Public Library card, this: LearningExpress Library features nearly 1,000 online tutorials, practice tests, and eBooks to help patrons of all ages. It offers job search and workplace skills improvement, skill building in reading, writing, math, and basic science, career certification and licensure exam prep, college and grad school entrance test prep, GED® test prep, and more.

Register with your MPL card number:

And a P.S. “Temporary library cards are being issued over the phone to area residents. Call one of our locations for more information. Access hundreds of free online resources 24/7 including e-books, e-magazines, downloadable videos, music and audiobooks, databases and more with a library card.” 
   Complete Schoolhouse Rock Series is available:
From Publishers Weekly…

   “In an effort to ensure you’re receiving the support you need to continue doing business during these difficult times, we recently announced that–along with the tools available on­–the digital edition of Publishers Weekly magazine will be free until further notice. The latest issue published today and is now available.

You can access your free digital edition of Publishers Weekly here.

…you’ll receive a notification as each new issue is available. If you don’t wish to receive those notifications, going forward, you can unsubscribe.” 


For artists of all stripes, a Special Announcement about copyright fee changes.
   Effective March 20, 2020, the Copyright Office is changing fees for copyright registration and other services. The fee for online filing of a standard registration will be $65. The filing fee for a registration of one work by a single author with the same claimant, not for hire will be $45. Other fee changes are listed on our website.

The 2020 U.S. Census is ongoing.
   Your anonymous, honest response matters. The results enable communities to apply for federal funding for health clinics, fire departments, schools, and even roads, highways, and bridges.

   The census results also determine how many seats in Congress each state gets. You can take a look at the actions of our current elected officials and know how important that is.

   Read more here:  Importance of the Data and the Impact in Your Community
   That’s it for this week’s post. You-all guys keep on keeping on and I’ll try to do the same.


  My paranormal, short story, “Love is Immortal,” is included in a new anthology scheduled for release later this spring. Watch for more on the launch of BIENVENUE to the CHATEAU ROUGE on Facebook and Amazon.

   Autographed print copies of my novels CHOOSING CARTER and DEADLY STAR are available at The Haunted Book Shop. Anthologies in which I have stories, including THE POSSE, the Bienvenue Press Christmas charity series, and the Mobile Writers Guild PIECES series are also available there.

   If they don’t happen to have a copy of any book(s), by any author that you want, they’ll place an order for you.

   TO ORDER (and support an indie bookstore) contact The Haunted Bookshop here: The Haunted Bookshop  Angela Trigg, the awesome owner and an award-winning author in her own right (writing as Angela Quarles) will be happy to ship you the book(s) of your choice. If you’re in Mobile area, do stop in at the book store; it’s a neat place to browse

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