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Sunday, April 11, 2021

A fresh look, ready for fresh eyes, and a giveaway!

cj Sez:  Fresh cover, fresh edits, new info, new ISBN, new name, and ready for fresh eyes: THE DAWGSTAR 

The novel formerly known as Deadly Star, launches April 15, 2021. Find out where to order your copy here:

   Place your pre-order, send a copy of the receipt to me    ( cjpetterson at gmail dot com ) and I’ll put your name in the running for one of three prizes! Pre-order price of 99 cents goes up on launch day, April 15, 2021.


   An invitation to apply for a grant from Sisters in Crime: The Eleanor Taylor Bland Crime Fiction Writers of Color Award. Submissions Open March 15 - May 15

   “The Eleanor Taylor Bland Crime Fiction Writers of Color Award is an annual grant of $2,000 for an emerging writer of color.

   'This grant is intended to support the recipient in crime fiction writing and career development activities. The grantee may choose to use the grant for activities that include workshops, seminars, conferences, and retreats, online courses, and research activities required for completion of the work.

   "An unpublished writer is preferred, however publication of several pieces of short fiction and/or up to two self-published or traditionally published books will not disqualify an applicant.”

cj Sez: To find out more visit:


   Do you know the difference between ellipsis and ellipses? From Fiction University comes this post on How to Use an Ellipsis in Writing (Without Overusing It)  

   “Sometimes informally referred to as “those three dots,” Merriam-Webster officially defines ellipses as “marks or a mark (such as … ) indicating an omission (as of words) or a pause.”

   "In Latin and Greek, “ellipsis” means to fall short or leave out — an omission. At its core, that’s exactly how it’s used in grammar, to indicate words have been omitted or left out.” 

Read the entire post here: 


Writerly quotes: 
   cj Sez: Love this . . . 


   That’s it for today’s post. You-all guys keep on keeping on, and I’ll try to do the same.


P.S.  TO ORDER my autographed books or any book of your choice on-line from an indie bookstore, contact The Haunted Bookshop here:

   The store has re-opened to limited hours, so if you’re in the Mobile area, you can stop and shop, too.
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