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Saturday, January 7, 2012

MAC Dear Santa Contest Winners

I quickly realized as I read the contest entries that I should have given sub-categories. Entries covered the age gamut from told-by-a-child to end-of-life memories. Humor was very big and animal tales came in third in overall numbers. Over the next few weeks, I'll post the winning pieces plus a few others that were particularly moving, funny, or touched my heart. I think the thing I was particularly pleased about is the view of our culture that the pieces brought to life.

The Overall Winner is Joe Davis with a piece of prose that captures the essence of childhood innocence and the current financial climate in the U.S. A retired English teacher who lives in Bay Minette, Alabama, Joe researches and writes articles for the Mobile Genealogical Society's Deep South Genealogical Quarterly. He also writes family histories. As with most creative people, Joe’s interests include many areas in the arts: writing music, researching family history, and writing essays and poetry. He is a member of the Jamestowne Society, Clarke County Historical Society, Mobile Genealogical Society, and Greenleaf Writers' Group.

Dear Santa,
I won't be at Granny's house this Christmas. Daddy said we need to start our own Christmas traditions by staying home this year. Don't leave my presents at Granny's house. Bring them to 109 South Georgia Street in Mobile. You have never been there before. You can't come down the chimley cause the fireplace is closed off. Use the front door. The key is under the blue flower pot. I'll tell Buster not to bark at you cause Daddy will get his gun and run downstairs.
And Santa, please bring Daddy a job.

First Prize Humor goes to Chris Cox. Chis is famous among Mobile writers for his dry wit and satirical writing. His dear John letter is an A+ example of both. Chris has a story published in Dreamspell Nightmares II called "Death Takes Another Holiday." A founding member of the Mobile Writers Guild, Chris served on the board for many years. He works for the Mobile Public Library and leads the Classics Revisited book group.

Dear Santa,
It’s Over. You know this has been a long time coming. I have always tried to understand your fanatical need to spread joy throughout the world, but I just wished on occasion you could have left a little ‘ho ho ho’ at the North Pole. I know this may hurt you, but after our divorce is final, I’m marrying Bobo the Elf. I know he’s only three feet tall, but at least he understands my needs. I’m sorry. You’ll hear from my attorney shortly.
Mrs. Jessica Claus
P.S. I hope this doesn’t mean I won’t get that Lady Bic in my stocking this year, I could really use it.

Next week, I'll post two more winners from the contest. I hope you enjoy these pieces and it encourages you to participate in the current and future contests. Since I don't want to tie anyone's thoughts, I'm not breaking the contests into categories up front. Mahala

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