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Monday, January 23, 2012

MAC Dear Santa Winner

Please send the authors in the Dear Santa contest your comments. They would like to hear from you and so would I. A little encouragement goes a long way.

Admissions have been making their way to my inbox for the January contest. Check out the guidelines on the left side of this page and get your piece in in. You have nine more days to submit.

Terry Rozum won second place for her humorous piece in my Dear Santa Contest. Terry is a humorist disguised as a social worker. When not writing, she works to become the crazy cat lady that lives in the corner house and scares the neighborhood kids. So far, she has the house and the cat down pat! She is a native South Alabamian who loves to write short stories using the local geography and culture as her canvas. Her latest writing adventure is a short story incorporating whatever she sees on the side of the bayway as she drives the Alabama Autobahn to work daily. Thus far she's seen a back door from a light green small car, several bunches of fresh turnips and a lot of Baldwin County sod. Never fear, she will keep highly vigilant.

Dear Santa,

Regretfully, we find that we can no longer insure your sleigh and reindeer under new guidelines requiring believable transportation and proof of maintenance. Unfortunately, not only does your sleigh not have a Kelly's Blue Book value but your veterinarian documentation shows that you have not kept up with traditional working animal vaccinations and check-ups.

Should you find that your circumstances change in the future, please do not hesitate to resubmit your application for consideration. Until such time, might we suggest you find a more traditional mode of transportation such as a Jetson Pooter Scooter?

Acme Insurance Company

1 comment:

  1. I have had the privledge of knowing Terry for a few years, and think that she is a teriffic person.
    Terry is one of those people that you say "you know you should be a writer"---and she is. Her humor is great, but the best part is that she has a great way of expressing herself.



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