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Friday, January 13, 2012

MAC Winners for Dear Santa

As promised, I'm posting two of the other winners of the MAC contest held in December. Congratulations to Susan and Mary.

1st Prize Historical Fiction went to Susan Beck Cobb. Susan's piece is indicative of the memories that bubble within us at Christmas and slide us back to our childhoods.
Susan was born and raised in Semmes, AL. She is a registered medical assistant who spends her free time studying genealogy and her family's history. Never at a loss for something to do, Susan loves photography, music, and writing. She has two self-published novels, She Walks the Night Winds & Murder in Moffettville. Susan is a member of Mobile Writers Guild and the Greenleaf Writers Group.

Dear Santa,

I went to bed last night thinking about what I wanted for Christmas. I thought of so many things, even made a list, but then threw it away because we really do not have the money to buy them. I awoke to the sounds of Mama in the kitchen, making biscuits and frying bacon. As I lay here listening to Mama, and smelling those wonderful aromas, I realize you have given me the greatest gift of all, a memory from my childhood. Mama has been gone for eleven years, but this morning, she is here.

Thank you,

Second Prize Historical is a poem by Mary Ivy. For those on the other side of 50, Mary's poem rings a poignant note filled with warm memories of a childhood treasure and the hope generations to come. Mary has lived in Mobile, AL most of her life. She has a degree in landscape design and is an avid reader. Mary says, "If you laid all the books I have read end to end they just might circle the globe." She particularly likes the classics with an all time favorite, Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. An accomplished artist, she paints portraits and murals. She has three children and has always dreamed of being a published writer. She is a member of the Greenleaf Writers Group.

Dear Santa,

The years have gone by swiftly.
The candle is almost spent.
The past is an echo in my mind
Of laughter, and joyful bent.

Yet my heart still thrills to hear
Voices raised in cheerful measure.
The sound of sleigh bells passing
Fills me with quiet pleasure.

I sit near the fire in silent reverie
Before the storm of kinfolk breaks,
Watching outside my parlor window,
Patterns of falling snowflakes.

While in reflective mood Santa,
I am writing one last letter to send.
I have not forgot, nor will I,
My childhood’s greatest friend.

I hope you are enjoying these submissions as much as I am. Mary's is the first one to come in for January's contest, so get those cards and letters on their way. Mahala

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