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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Supporting our local authors

cj Sez:  A writer friend and I visited the Gulf Coast Writers meeting in Pass Christian, MS, on Saturday, to support another author/friend, Ron O’Gorman, who was the guest speaker. He did a great job presenting his tips to help new writers along the path to publication. It was a spot-on topic because so many of us now-days are self-published.

His number one tip:  “Never, never, NEVER quit!!!  (Anyone can be published.)”

Dr. O’Gorman’s award-winning (Suspense Magazine’s “Best of 2014”) medical mystery, Fatal Rhythm, is available on Amazon…and it’s specially priced at 99 cents right now!

By the by, Choosing Carter has some good reviews on Amazon, and Deadly Star is enjoying a happy revival of sales. AND Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited subscribers read for free! What a deal, read my two novels for free, and then you, too, can review them.

Even better, for 99 cents, you can read Fatal Rhythm, Choosing Carter, and Deadly Star . . . THREE full length novels! Yay!

Let me tell you a little about my two books. My romantic suspense novels aren’t cozy by any means, but their sex heat is catalogued as “behind closed doors,” and I’m happy with that. Make that very happy with that. I cannot (will not) write detailed sex scenes. For me, erotica descriptions take away from the intimacy of a very special romantic moment between two people. The key word there and for my books is “romantic.” My characters may wind up in bed together, but that’s where the scene ends. It’s always been my theory that readers’ imaginations are far more creative than I could be in black and white.

Okay, You-all guys keep on keeping on, and I’ll try to do the same.  

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