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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Back at it

It's January 6, Three Kings' Day, and the day I usually take down my Christmas lights. Couldn't do it. I'm blaming it on the cold weather. True, it's colder than usual in Mobile, but I could have at least unplugged them from the timer. Couldn't do it. Like my granddaughter, Maggie Rose, I love all the colors. Maybe tomorrow. But the weather channel is forecasting rain tomorrow. Maybe on Saturday, if it's not raining.

I did, however, fight my procrastinating nature hard enough to open up the file on "Embedded" and give another tweak or two to the first 30 pages. (I was supposed to start on page 89, but every time I open the story, I begin a review of every page. I'm about to be in trouble with this edit cycle since there are about 400 pages in the story. Maybe tomorrow I'll do better.)

Next on the agenda is getting back at my YA attempt. It's a fantasy piece that I want to write to appeal to the guys. I need to research the language and syntax of coming-of-age boys. I plan to spend more time at grandson Jeff's baseball games (he's playing for Spring Hill College Badgers this year). I'll probably spend some time at granddaughter Johanna's basketball games (Mobile Christian School) as well. I know the story I want to write, but can't guess at the dialogue until I hear teens talk. Wish me luck.

There are a lot of interesting writing conferences and workshops I need to start researching in 2010. My memberships are offering a few to consider. SCBWI's spring fling is one that I'll check out. I sent my name in to Sisters in Crime's "Body Language" on-line workshop (got waitlisted for that one). Google will give me a lot more. And even though I'm not ready with anything, I'll also Google writing contests, and check everything against the Preditors and Editors site.

Well, you take care, and keep on keeping on. I'll try to do the same.

c j

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  1. Mahala, I enjoyed thumbing through your posts! I can just see your WALL. I think I could benefit from your organizational skills if I ever decide to revise my novels. My next huge project after the huge one I'm in now (working on a second short story series--this one, linked)is to go back to my first novel which has languished in the drawer now for several years, but has had a wonderful critique from three MFA readers. Like you, I'll have a lot of valid material when I ever get back to it. When I do, I'm thinking of a total re-write thinking of it in terms of a middle grade novel rather than a coming-of-age one since it is short on both sex and violence. lol All of that to say, you've mentioned SCBWI and I think that would be a grand possibility for you. It is the most supportive and helpful writing group I've been a part of. I pay dues although my picture book efforts and children's verse are rather sparse with all the other projects I'm trying to juggle. Two of my friends have great mg novels published right now: Edie Hemingway, ROAD TO TATER HILL,Delacorte Press, and Joan Donaldson, ON VINEY'S MOUNTAIN, Holiday House.Good luck with the revision process. Remember, there is no good writing--only good re-writing!


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