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Saturday, May 15, 2010

AFDOC 18 & 19

Been off line for a week or so with the flu of all things! Finished the costumes for Wonderland and made it to opening night. It was wonderful! The rose was exceptional! If you're in the Mobile area, check out Drama Camp Productions/Sunnyside Theater for an exciting experience for your children. Summer camp will be starting soon and they would love it. Christopher Paragone is the owner and director and has an excellent ability to motivate the children. Most of the plays are based on children's books.

As for writing, the last two weeks haven't produced many pages of revision, but I discovered that a fever can fuel the thought process quite effectively. While I filled up my wastebasket with tissues, I also filled up my bedside table with notes as new ideas for revisions kept popping and ways to handle several places that needed a new approach to more aptly express what my characters are feeling came through. I got all the notes typed in this morning and am feeling rejuvenated.

Although I still sound like I have my head in a bucket, I'm feeling much better and ready to get back into the game.

Anybody remember what the commercial for headaches is that sang this little ditty?

Pop Pop Fizz Fizz

May this week get thousands of words on the page for us all. Mahala

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