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Monday, September 12, 2011

Return of the Writer

I'm happy to be posting on our beloved blog. I've been off-scene for over a month with what turned out to be a loathsome infection that brought me not just to my knees but flat-out (a good Southern expression)sick in the hospital. This was my first, and hopefully my last, time to feel the dreadful effects of dehydration. Yuck describes it perfectly.

Thanks cj for keeping the home fires burning and our minds on the higher good.

A brief synopsis of my writing at this juncture. I pulled AFDOC from the blog because I wanted to make a significant change earlier on in the novel and carry it through. Amazing what a 103 degree fever will do for creativity! A major swing though the novel to weave in new ideas and take out those places jammed with wonderful words and meaningless input to the story is well underway. I'm about 50% of the way through and plan to have it out to readers before the end of the year.

Along with writing copy for several clients and rewriting articles for others, the research on my second novel is going well, but I may have to push it aside as the third one is clammoring to get out of my head and on paper. The second one is a series of linked short stories much in the tone of AFDOC but from an adult perspective. The third one is a dark family saga, which may be the reason I keep clamping the lid on it as I think I'm afraid where it will bury me as I face the blank pages.

As we all faced this past weekend in a pensive and somber mood, I realized I was ready to move forward with a more positive outlook for the sake of all Americans who have died to give me the privilege to do just that.

I salute my parents, who were both veterans of WWII, and all those who have gone before and after them. Mahala

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