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Friday, March 16, 2012

Ancient Goddess in Old Mobile

If you like historical fiction, you will enjoy Vincent Cortright's debut novel, An Ancient Goddess in Old Mobile. Cortright, with his unique tongue-in-cheek style, takes the reader on a bon vivant voyage through Civil War history blended with Greek tragedy and a wisp of the paranormal. Clearly, Vincent knows a great deal about the Mobile, Alabama of that period and is quite well read in Greek mythology, which makes his book a delightful experience from front to back. If you don't like history, you may feel the book drags in places, but if you love history, you will be in the proverbial hog heaven of storytelling.

Cortright follows the trail of many literary, Southern writers with richly appointed settings and thoroughly detailed characters to keep you entranced with the broad sweep of lifestyles in Old Mobile. His portrayal of both the priest and his nemesis are astonishing in their intricacy.

Reviving the practice of art in books, Cortright asked local artist, Francis Ashcraft, to add views of his characters and settings via drawings throughout the book.

Self-published, Cortright's book can be purchased through Bienville Books and Anders Bookstore in Mobile or from Page & Palette Bookstore in Fairhope, Alabama.

Congratulations to Vincent and Francis!


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