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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Contest Winner: MAC for April

Congratulations to Judy Davies, April's first place winner. Her poem captures the essence of both words and is a charming look at Spring.

Residing in Gautier, MS since 1998, Judy writes poetry and prose, performs as a professional musician and manages the music publishing company for her composer husband, Ken Davies. Ken has set some of her poetry to music as art songs and a CD of poetry and music is underway.

Educated at Otterbein College and at the University of Southern Mississippi, she holds degrees in English and in Paralegal Studies. She and her husband enjoy traveling to music conferences across the country as well as performing and staying involved in cultural activities locally. Judy and Ken have four children, six grandchildren and two adorable cats. The cats still live at home.

The Magic of Spring

Like a welcome visit from a long lost friend,
Spring arrives gently at first, ground-warming sun
breathing new life into its surroundings.
Atop a porch overhang, mourning doves
gather twigs to build their nest.
Spring moves forward as two eggs appear,
then two tiny baby birds,
Our yard, too, comes to life. New buds
appear as maple trees reclothe, early
spring flowers peek from within their beds,
last year's tired grass miraculously
sprouts new life. Creeping myrtle, irises,
daffodils materialize in that magical
time period known as Spring.
The scent of dewy rosebushes fills our nostrils,
tiny hummingbirds come to feast,
soft purple and white lilacs break forth in colorful array,
and new grass covers our yard like a fresh green blanket.
Glorious spring has arrived!

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