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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

MAC May Contest Winner

As I said last week, the month of May brought two distinct perspectives on Spring. Candice Conner won with a beautifully written poem about love. Candice graduated from The University of South Alabama with Honors in English and a concentration in Creative Writing. She has had articles published in The Wiregrass Living Magazine, Good Taste Magazine and Tanning Trends Magazine. She is mom to her eighteen month old daughter, Marley, who allows her to write only during naptime. I wonder if her poem is about her husband or daughter?

Dandelion Kisses By Candice Marley Conner

Like the winged seeds of dandelion fluff
I blew all my kisses away.

The wind picked them up – eddies
in the air—
and my kisses scattered. One
pirouetted in the earth, buried
itself in the warmth and waited
to flower for the rain.
Another caught on the wings
of a bluebird
and headed back
up to the sky. Another
--I saw it –
landed in you hands.

You gave it back
so I had more to give.

Next week we will have a special post from multi-faceted author, Mary Palmer. Mary will talk to us about writing in different genres.


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