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Friday, July 6, 2012

June MAC Contest Winner

Congratulations to Gisele Sara Cesar, June’s winner of the MAC Contest. Gisele is a high school senior and Christian writer from Northport, New York and the first young adult winner. Her poem aptly incorporated the two required words love and grow.

Morning Thunder

I cracked with fury over your ignorance
The most petrifying explosion ignited your fears
Sent three rippling echoes through your burdening memory
You fear me as if I remind you of your weakness instead of your strength
Perhaps I am your Shepard, leading you through the valley of darkness
Shaking you with morning thunder, awakening your heavy heart

Consider goodness in the eye of my storm
For when you look up you see rain and fear me
but when I look up I see Heaven and love you
Search for clarity in my cries
Lift your head to the sun
Feel solace on your face

Not as much furious but empathetic and apologetic
Not as much a menace but your guardian angel
Love me and in return I will grow circles gardens around your head
I feed upon your morning prayers to break my fast
I meditate upon your worries and requests to stay afloat in the clouds
You remind me of the key to unlock the golden gates above me
The prayers spoken from your lips are my passage
In return I will be your protector, your watchful wingman

All I ask is that you do not coward away from stormy skies
Rather kneel at the base of my booming tornado
Pray up the column of clouds extending downward to you
Extending my hand to you, extending my comfort to you

Good morning faithful servant of God
I promise to carry you to Him upon my lofty hovering cloud
Promise to never let you fall into doubt, worry or worse yet- Fear.


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  1. How inspiring and beautiful. This young lady has a wonderful career ahead of her as a writer.


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