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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Short Story published

One of my short stories, "A Fool's Gold," is now published in the TRIBUTARIES 2012 anthology.  The release and book signing event happened on December 10. A lot of people showed up to support their local authors (the anthology is "a collection of literary artists from the Mobile Bay area") and the editor sold every book he brought and could have sold more. THAT was exciting. Book signings aren't always so successful, but Mobile is one of those cities that loves the literary arts.

"A Fool's Gold" weaves a fictional story around a historical event and the $35,000 in gold that Sam Bass stole in a train robbery. He hid the gold, and at the time a Texas Ranger shot the outlaw off his horse in the streets of Round Rock, Texas, it had not been found. "A Fool's Gold" is about treasure hunters and cowboys seeking their fortune, and the love story of two immigrants looking to build a better life in America.  Look for it on Amazon: and search for TRIBUTARIES 2012 under books.

Now I have to get back to work on manuscript edits for DEADLY STAR. I have a little over a week to get them done and return everything to the publisher. So I'll see you then.

You-all guys keep on keeping on, and I'll try to do the same.


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