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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Judy Davies April Contest Winnner

I'm always amazed at how we writers tend to hide our accomplishments. When April's winner sent me her bio, notice how far down Judy stashes a major achievement. Judy, stand and be proud. You are a writer to be reckoned with, and we are happy to have you once again as a winner on Lyrical Pens.
Residing in Gautier, MS since 1998, Judy Davies writes poetry and prose and manages the music publishing company for her composer husband, Ken Davies.  Ken has set some of her poetry to music as art songs and their first full-length CD of narrated poetry with custom crafted music, Poetic Soundscapes, has recently been released.  The couple is available to do live presentations of selections from their CD for groups or classrooms.  See her website at to purchase CDs.  Judy's book, Poetic Images, was released in 2011.  She is vice-president of the Mississippi Poetry Society, an active South Branch member and the 2012 Senior Poet Laureate for Mississippi (I see you found it.)  Judy holds degrees in English and Paralegal Studies.  She and her husband enjoy traveling to both music and poetry festivals and are usually accompanied by their cats Little Fluff and Darius Meow.
            As soon as I opened the door I knew it wasn't a normal day.  Nothing was in its proper place.  Only a fool would assume it had been left like that.  Someone had searched my office and been in quite a hurry.  What had been the snoop's target?  I was just the secretary.  Why had my office been ransacked?  Quickly I backed out of the room without touching anything, wondering if the intruder had found what he wanted or if he would be back later.   Suddenly someone caught me by the shoulders. 
            "What's going on?"  Feeling the color drain from my face, I muffled a scream as I recognized my boss's voice. 
            "Good thing I don't have a heart condition," I muttered as I turned to face him.  "Someone has ransacked my office.  In fact, he may still be in there.  I was going to the next office to call the police," I whispered.
            "Good.  You do that," he ordered.  "I'm going in to check my office and the safe."
            With that he whipped out a handkerchief with one hand, pulled a small handgun from one of his boots and stepped through the door. 
            I hurried down the corridor to the adjacent office where my friend, Michelle, was busy at her computer. 
            "Good morning, Karen," she smiled sweetly.
            "Calling the police!" I answered as I grabbed her phone.
            "This is Karen Dunley at 345 Woolery Building, Suite 460.  We've been burglarized.  Please hurry."
            "What!  What in the world?"  Michelle exclaimed.
            "Someone has ransacked my office; I have no idea why.  Mr. Benson just arrived and is in there checking his office and the safe.  And, Michelle, he had a gun!"
            "Who had a gun?  Is the thief still in there?"
            "I don't know if he is or not.  And I certainly didn't know Mr. Benson carried a gun.  I didn't even know we had a safe.  Oh, good grief, I forgot to tell the police Mr. Benson and his gun were in there.  I hope they don't shoot him.  I'd better go down and warn Mr. Benson."
            "Karen, are you crazy?  You don't know who might be down there and the police are on their way.  You need to stay right here and I'm locking this door."
            "I guess you're right, but what could a thief possibly want?  We don't deal in anything  contraband or keep large sums of money?  Mr. Benson's safe must be in his desk because I've never seen it in the three years I've worked there."
            "I hear police sirens.  We should know something soon."
            Karen unlocked the door and peeked into the hall in time to see Mr. Benson in handcuffs.
            "He was just leaving with a briefcase full of diamonds," said the police detective.  "Apparently his brother was here earlier searching for them.  We've been looking for this pair for awhile.  He won't be coming back anytime soon.  I suggest you find a new job."             
by Judy Davies

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