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Friday, June 28, 2013

Seven Suspects in the Case

One of the creative writing teens in the "Explore the Possibilities" class wrote a poem worth sharing. Claire Powers has an interest in literary fiction and poetry and is off to an excellent start. She kept the class amazed with her creativity.

      Blade of Steel
           by Claire Powers
                  Age 14

Seven suspects in the case,
Subject to the crime-solving ace,
Who stands in the corner, who plots to reveal
The one who killed with a blade of steel.

An accusation, I’m delighted to say,
That’s bound by fate to go my way.

Three suspects sit on a couch,
None relaxed enough to slouch,
Two stand by the window pane,
Barely acknowledging the pouring rain,
Two are standing by the door,
Uneasily staring at the floor.

“So, who is it?” they all shout
As the detective tries to work things out.

He knows who it is, he knows it’s me,
But he won’t say it, because, you see
My eyes glitter in the rain,
Just outside the window pane;

The loyal assistant’s at my side,
His feet bound, his hands tied.

The blade of steel is in my hand,
The one I used to kill the man,
And should the ace point my way,
I’ll take the assistant’s life away.

Seven suspects in the case,
Subject to the crime-solving ace;
He must choose one to lie about,
Or else the blade of steel comes out.

My eyes sparkle in the rain.
Go ahead-say my name.
Well done, Claire.


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