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Friday, September 20, 2013

Kat Kennedy Part II

Kat Kennedy is back with the second half of her post and an inside look at her work.
Flamingo Funeral & Tales from the Land of Tea Cakes and Whiskey is not a book depicting the genteel South of mint juleps on the front porch and Southern Belles. This is a book of stories about the hard drinking, hard living South. It is filled with characters like the worn and weary Jolene who discovers “being crazy is the easiest job {she} ever had,” and Ree Lambert whose wish to be left alone leads her to do the unthinkable.

Excerpt from Mean Woman Blues

Lidge poured Vernon a decent shot of Jack Daniels and filled the rest of his glass with Coke.

Jolene, not one to be left out, emptied her glass and clinked the ice cubes before setting it down in front of Lidge.

“Me, too,” she smiled.

Damned if she aint downright pretty when she smiles.

Jolene had had a hard life. She was forty-three years old and looked every day of it plus some. She was what people meant when they said, It aint the years, it’s the miles. Jolene had been a lot of miles. Hard living and drinking had done its duty on her face, but anyone could see the ghost of her beauty haunting her high cheek bones and long neck. She had not gotten fat like many of the women she had gone to school with, and had retained her slim frame, though there was not one ounce of muscle to be found on it. Still, she looked good in jeans. Jeans and a tank top were her usual attire because the heat in southern Alabama was unmerciful most of the year. In cool weather, she wore the same uniform with a sweater thrown over it for the cold, adding a jacket when the weather reached its coldest.

Jolene had not worked in years. She once had a job at Clayville’s sewing factory, which she hated. One day she couldn’t take it any longer and walked out. She got the idea from one of her cousins who had been to Vietnam. She could get help from the government if they thought she was crazy. When her cousin had come back from the war, he really was crazy. The government paid for his housing, food and nearly everything else he needed. Jolene called him up and asked where he went to get his “crazy check.” He gave her all the details.

Jolene worked out a plan.

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Give Kat some feedback on her down-home style of writing and what you think Jolene might be up to.  Thanks for sharing with our readers, Kat.     Mahala

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