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Saturday, August 15, 2015

CHOOSING CARTER launches . . .

In a “love will find a way” and “my brother’s keeper” kind of way, Choosing Carter is a contemporary romantic suspense novel set in the high mountain desert of Colorado. It is a high action story of how a woman’s idyllic trip with the man she loves turns deadly when she discovers that the changing face of terrorism never seemed as horrible as it does when the face she sees is that of her brother.

cj Sez:  SO. MUCH. STUFF. GOING. ON while celebrating the birth of my new Choosing Carter novel. I’m thrilled to get this book off the ground and into readers’ hands.

Order it from Amazon    or from  
Barnes and Noble

Fellow Sisters-in-Crime and Guppy author Vickie Fee was excited about her ARC and gave it a wonderful review on Goodreads (thank you very much, Vickie). Check it out here:  

I was also privileged to do an interview with Vickie, and it’s scheduled to post on her blog on the Official Launch Day (Aug. 17). You can jump to the blog site by clicking here:

Time to take a break. . .a coffee break. I found this info on some internet news site the other day, and now I have proof of why I “need” a goodie with my morning and afternoon coffee break.

The French sip wine, the British take tea, Spaniards nibble on ham, and Germans love sausages. For Swedes, it's all about "fika" (pronounced fee-ka), the daily coffee break with a sweet nibble that is a social institution. "In the United States for example, you get your coffee to go. In Sweden, you sit down, you enjoy the moment."

"Studies show that people who take a break from their work do not do less. It's actually the opposite," says Viveka Adelsward, a professor emeritus in communications at Sweden's Linkoping University. "Efficiency at work can benefit from these kinds of get-togethers." 
Photo: TT
So, go for it! My fika habit started when I was about three. Grampa would pour some strong black coffee into a saucer to cool then dip a thick, buttered slice of Mama’s homemade bread into it and give me bites while we played checkers in the backyard on top of an overturned washtub.
Okay, I’m going for my coffee and muffin. You-all guys keep on keeping on, and I’ll try to do the same.


PS:  In the news recently, “22 Lessons from Stephen King on How to be a Great Writer”:  

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