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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Mid NaNoWriMo

cj Sez: Since I’ve committed to writing as many words as possible for the NaNoWriMo challenge, today’s post will again be brief. 

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Wishing all the strivers SUCCESS!

FYE…Here’s the opening paragraph of my NaNoWriMo story:

The young man sitting opposite her did not appear unfriendly, though not a word had passed between them during the previous eight hours. Handsome, she thought, but soft. Definitely not a Westerner. Despite the semitransparent mix of brown dust and coal soot coating the train window, his dark hair, parted in the middle and curling against the collar of his suit coat, shone with a red highlight glint in the late afternoon sun. streaming in train’s window. His eyes were as blue as the clear Texas skies. She’d been sitting silently, facing him, since leaving the depot in Indian Territory at seven that morning. She took notice of his shy glances and the occasional, deep dimple that dented his one smooth-shaven cheek when he seemed to reflect on some pleasant thought. Silent long enough, she decided to be a little forward and venture the start of a conversation. ///

As you can see by the red, crossed-through places, I can’t stop editing, so I have little hope of reaching 50,000 words. How-some-ever, I will have a good start on a new historical western romance.

From my publisher, Crimson Romance, a new release coming November 27th, the perfect holiday gift for a romance reader near you: 

CHRISTMAS KISSES: 4 HOLIDAY ROMANCES by USA Today bestselling authors Alicia Hunter Pace and T.F. Walsh, with Dana Volney and Casey Dawes.

Grab your eggnog and curl up by the fireplace with these magical holiday romances sure to warm your heart and your spirits!

Okay, you-all guys keep on keeping on, and I’ll try to do the same.

Warning, warning! Santa’s arrival on Christmas eve is only six weeks away. Here are some wonderful (and cheap) suggestions for holiday gifts for your favorite romance readers. Helpful hint: The bundles are so cheap, you can buy them for white elephant gifts also and look like a big spender.
Bad Day at Round Rock” in The Posse Western anthology of 8 short stories @99 cents
Choosing Carter  -- Kindle  /  Nook  /  Kobo   /  iTunes/iBook
Deadly Star --  Kindle  / Nook  / Kobo
California Kisses—10 book publisher’s bundle @ 99 cents (includes Deadly Star)
The Great Outdoors  8 book publisher’s bundle @99 cents (includes Choosing Carter)
Bodies in Motion — 10 book publisher’s bundle @99 cents (includes Choosing Carter)
Note: On the bundles, the “look inside” invitation gives you a taste of only the first book.
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