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Sunday, December 16, 2018

Contest Scams: Things to Look For

cj Sez: Hometown Heroes, A Christmas Anthology is a perfect holiday gift. 
  Buy a copy (the Kindle is still 99 cents) and make a donation to the Cajun Navy organization with one click of the mouse . . . a portion of the proceeds benefits the Cajun Navy, a volunteer group of neighbors helping neighbors in times of distress.

   Writers seeking recognition, especially unpublished writers, often enter writing contests in hopes of winning both recognition and a cash prize.

   Unfortunately, not all writing contests are legitimate. This article from Wiki How to Do Anything offers tips on things to look for:
 Think twice before sending money. If the terms of a contest demand a fee to enter, read the fine print and investigate the contest sponsor. Most often, not always, but often enough to raise red flags, paying money to submit your work involves a scam. There are many people in the literary world who believe no writer should ever pay a fee when submitting work for consideration. A healthy publishing environment seeks new, talented writers and pays them for their work; the writer is not asked to pay for the privilege of someone reading his or her work. 
   Here are some common reasons contest sponsors give for charging an entry fee:”


   If, like me, you’re remembering a loved one who isn’t with you this Christmas, here’s a wonderful poem from police procedural expert Lee Lofland that speaks to a lifetime of loving memories. The following excerpt begins a touching verse that is sure to touch your heart.
It seems like just yesterday when they were last here,
Sharing their laughter and their love,Playing silly games and offering warm hugs. 
   Read the entire beautiful piece here:

   Great reviews for HOMETOWN HEROES continue to stream … and here’s one of the 5-Stars:  
Hometown Heroes: A Christmas Anthology is a wonderful set of stories that I loved reading. Having stories that are set around Christmas and then adding in some romance gives you that heartwarming feeling that the season is all about. There is no doubting the magic of the season as you read each story. The woman in these tales are fiery, independent, and strong. While the stories are not long they have enough emotion in them that I found myself with misty eyes and a smile on my face. I found that these stories stayed with me and I thought about them even after I had finished the anthology. Some are set in the past and others are in the present day. All make a lasting impression on your soul. I have read stories by some of the authors and enjoyed reading stories by them again. I also have discovered new authors and look forward to reading more of their writing. This is a wonderful group of stories that have amazing characters. Highly recommended.”
   Buy Hometown Heroes, a Christmas Anthology here: 

   After you’ve read the stories, I hope you consider writing a review. (Please and thank you.)

   That’s it for this week’s post. You-all guys keep on keeping on, and I’ll try to do the same.


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  1. Thanks for mentioning my blog post/poem, and for your kind words about it. Very much appreciated. Merry Christmas!


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