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Sunday, June 23, 2019

The risks of copyright infringement in this digital age

cj Sez: I recently came across an article on the risks associated with copyright infringement in the digital age. With the proliferation of Facebook sharing, I think it’s worth passing along this news to my readers.

Public Domain Clip Art
   Sharing copyrighted content without permission invites consequences that can have major effects on your bank account. Attorney Christopher Heer is an intellectual property lawyer and his article on “How to Avoid Copyright Infringement” is one that all artists should read…and as authors, we are among that group.

Read this important article here:

   I’m hopeful that my sharing the URL address to this article falls under the “exceptions to exclusive rights” section which includes “research … instruction … review … and news reporting.”  (PS: If you have questions about what is or is not a copyright infringement, please check with your attorney.)


   Since this call for submissions is from Hallmark, I thought I’d repeat information I published previously:

MARK YOUR CALENDARS and set your derriere in your chair

   If you write “wholesome or ‘sweet’ romance novels” or cozy mysteries, there’s still time to polish your work-in-progress and submit.

   Hallmark Publishing will be open to unagented submissions for “wholesome or ‘sweet’ romance novels” and cozy mysteries for the entire month of September 2019.

   Note that they are no longer accepting previously published works

   Read their submission guidelines here: 

   Update on my yard cats. Marmalade has started to sit alongside me on the bench when I’m in the yard, and Shadow (or Girlfriend, as I like to call her) has begun to spend her nights in the house. She also comes to me for stroking when I’m putting out birdseed in the morning. We all miss Sweet Buster.

   That’s it for this week’s post. You-all guys keep on keeping on, and I’ll try to do the same.

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CHOOSING CARTER excerpt: Carter bowed low in front of her and peered at the computer screen, one hand behind his back. Bryn thought for the umpteenth time that he didn’t look his thirty-eight years. His face was unlined, except for that scattering of crow’s feet that crinkled in the corners of his eyes when he smiled.
   While he was checking out her card game, she surveyed his lean form. The rolled-up shirtsleeves of his red-plaid shirt exposed muscular, reddish-brown forearms. A skinning knife topped by an elk-horn haft rested in a leather sheath looped onto a leather belt. His jeans were comfortably old, the blue on the thighs faded almost white. And even if she couldn’t see them, she knew he had on scuffed work boots. In stocking feet, he stood two inches on the far side of six feet tall, and by the time her gaze had wandered back to his face, he’d pushed his sunglasses onto his baseball cap and was watching her map his body. She looked up into turquoise-colored eyes that always caused a hollow feeling, like hunger, in the pit of her stomach.

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