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Sunday, September 22, 2019

Fall is here...can the end of Daylight Saving Time be far behind?

Autumn days come quickly, like the running of a hound on the moor.                   –Irish proverb
cj Sez:  Fall, that season of brilliant northern foliage and ubiquitous pumpkin spice, officially arrives in the Northern Hemisphere on Monday, September 23, at 3:50 a.m. EDT. 

   Tell that to my Gulf Coast weather man, please. I’m in the mood for cooler weather…80° F and lower humidity would be nice, thank you.

   The equinox occurs at the same moment worldwide—adjusted for your local time zone. (For my visitors in the Southern Hemisphere, that’s when you look for the arrival of spring.)

From . . .
   No matter where you are in the world, the sun will rise due east and set due west during the fall equinox (the same thing happens during the spring equinox). For the directionally challenged, it’s a good time for a reset. Go outside around sunset or sunrise, find a landmark and mark the sun’s location in relation to it.


   I give you the above public service announcement so you can plan ahead. There are only three more months until December 25, that’s Christmas, y’all. If you’re like me, that's three paydays, and you’ve already missed Hobby Lobby’s offer of free shipping of their artificial Christmas trees.


In other news …
   Carolyn Haines announced that her novel, A VISITATION OF ANGELS, is up for pre-order at $4.99 on Kindle and … “all proceeds—every penny—goes to fund Good Fortune Farm Refuge and the animal work our tiny little band of volunteers do.

   The story is set on Sand Mountain, Alabama, in 1920. This book is #4 in the Pluto's Snitch mystery series, and we hope you enjoy this bit of paranormal chill as we head into Autumn. It's the most dangerous case Raissa and Reginald have taken on.

   Release date is September 30. You can grab this e-book (or paperback!) at Amazon, B&N, Apple iBooks, or Kobo. Here's a quick link to choose your favorite e-book store: 


   Remember that call for submissions from Negative Capability Press I mentioned last week…the one for short, short stories? Well I submitted my 100-word story. How about you? You still have time. Here’s the info again: Last date for submission is September 30. And did I say short, short? It’s more of a haiku…no more than 100 words long. If you’re interested in trying your hand, read more here:   (P.S. Their call for submissions is near the bottom of the page.)

   By the by, as the masthead of Lyrical Pens says, if you have a book you want to promote, let me know. We can arrange a blog date…the only caveat is that this site is PG 13.

   That’s it for this week’s post. You-all guys keep on keeping on, and I’ll try to do the same. See you next week?


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