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Sunday, July 19, 2020

Got any ideas?

cj Sez: I am about a thousand words shy of typing “The End” on a short story for which I could use some help.

   The submission requirements call for a romantic short story that revolves around a teacher, and it has to have happily-ever-after ending, but I am not a chick-lit writer. I write suspense/action/ thriller/mystery with a touch of romance, so the “what if” of my story might go something like this: What if a first-grade teacher finds herself a participant in an FBI investigation into corruption by the principal of the school where she works?

Action, Background, Conflict, Development, Ending*
   My tale is about an FBI agent working undercover as a temporary adaptive physical education teacher for physically and mentally challenged students while he investigates fraud and tax evasion by an elementary school principal, and who is, at the same time, making a move on the first-grade teacher assigned to help him with the kids. She agrees to put herself in danger and record a conversation with the baddies who are more than willing and able to maim or kill her. (No need to worry. This is, after all, a romance that requires happily-ever-after or at least, an indication thereof.)

   As I mentioned above, I have about a thousand or so words to go before submitting it to a charity anthology from Bienvenue Press scheduled for publication around the Christmas holidays. The anthology is titled "Homeroom Heroes," and part of the proceeds will benefit the Acadiana Writing Project.

   There is, of course, no guarantee that my story will be accepted. But on the odd chance that it is …

I need a title. Got any ideas? I could sure use a nudge
     (*A, B, C, D, E: Anne Lamott’s formula for writing short stories)


   A recent Jane Friedman blog features a marvelous guest post by Dave Chesson titled” “Amazon Editorial Reviews: Are You Using This Incredible Section?” Lots of good tips and how-tos. Read more here:


   That’s it for today’s post. You-all guys keep on keeping on, and I’ll try to do the same, (Sending up prayers for your health and safety.)


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