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Sunday, September 6, 2020

The Year in flux

 cj Sez:  Here I am, headed into the beginning of fall (the autumn equinox occurs Sept. 22) and the end of Daylight Saving Time (if you’re on it, it ends Nov. 1), without the benefit of having celebrated the usual annual milestones up to this date.

   Where did they go? I’m talking about the beginning of spring, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day. All were under quarantine. Now as I skid toward the end of 2020 (a year with the world-wide mantra of “stay home"), also in jeopardy of not being experienced, in a familiar way, are Labor Day, pro sports playoffs, Halloween, Thanksgiving, maybe even Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Granted I feel a little lost and put-upon, but not panicked. Creating new traditions is good, and I’m still writing, so that’s good. How about you? You doing okay? 

cj Sez: Old adage: Truth is stranger than fiction. Why? Because truth is harder to write and make it believable. As a writer, fiction is my choice because I can lie and be applauded for it. Now if I could only remember which lie I told.

New releases from a couple of friends of mine and available now . . .

A WHISPER OF TROUBLE, book 12 of the Trouble Cat Mysteries by Susan Y. Tanner  (Author), releases September 7, Kindle Edition

   "Acclaimed horse whisperer Liz O’Neil heals confused, frightened, or angry horses but she never expected to work in Italy.

   Her skills are vital to help the horses, especially when bullets start flying."

HOSTILE CHARMS, book 5 of the Possession Chronicles by Carrie Dalby releases September 8 and the publisher is having a digital book sale . . .

Seeing his ex-wife, Lucy Melling, happily remarried, Frederick Davenport longs to move on from his failed first love. 

   In celebration of the release of “Hostile Charms,” Bienvenue Press is running a sale on several of the other titles in this Southern Gothic family saga series. Now is a great time to dive into the drama of the early 1900s and catch up with the Melling, Easton, and Davenport families.


  The Mobile Public Library has invited the authors of Mobile Writers Guild HALLOWEEN PIECES anthology to submit an excerpt and/or describe the inspiration for their stories via video for the library’s YouTube channel. I’m going to be on video, though my personal videographer won’t be available until sometime next week. (My grandson is a busy man.) I’ll be sure to post the info when it’s scheduled to run.


  That’s it for today’s post. You-all guys keep on keeping on, and I’ll try to do the same, (Raising prayers for your health and safety.)


   FYI gentle reader: Part of the proceeds from the sales of HOMETOWN HEROS benefits The Cajun Navy…you remember those hometown heroes who, right now, have trailered their boats to Lake Charles, LA, to help the victims of Hurricane Laura. The anthology theme might be Christmas, but the stories are timeless.

  TO ORDER my autographed books or any book of your choice on-line from my favorite indie bookstore, contact The Haunted Bookshop here: The Haunted Bookshop  The store has re-opened to limited hours, so you can stop and shop, too.

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