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Sunday, April 16, 2023

Classic Pieces paperback arrived

cj Sez: Hope your weekend was as good as mine. I received my contributor copies of CLASSIC PIECES RETOLD. and the cover is even more gorgeous in my hands.

  This is no wimpy book. It’s a substantial paperback—one inch thick! I plan to spend a good bit of time slowly reading the 26 tributes to classic novels, short stories, and poems in this anthology. I want the excitement and enjoyment of reading 21st century interpretations of a variety of classic stories to linger on a while.

  You can order copies now from The Haunted Book Shop or from your favorite book seller.

  For Amazon purchases, click here: Buy CLASSIC PIECES Now

   CLASSIC PIECES RETOLD is the sixth installment in the Mobile Writers Guild Pieces anthology series. Special thanks to our awesome MWG editor Joyce Scarbrough and to MWG artist Steven Moore who created all the incredible Pieces covers. 

6-Set image by Carrie Dalby Author

  Seems to me this is an opportunity to order the complete set.

  Mother Nature was a’blowing and a’going this afternoon on Alabama’s Gulf Coast. I have yet to see the official report, but from the water I see standing in my yard, I think the electrical storm dropped probably more than two inches of rain. We also had 30-40 mph winds, gusting in some places up to 70 mph. I probably have some limbs down in the back yard, but I haven’t gone out to check. Besides, the Chief Meteorologist forecasts another wave of storms coming in after midnight. I’ll assess the yard tomorrow when I go out to feed the birds.

  Which reminds me . . .  photographer son Jeff was able to photograph a few migratory birds at Dauphin Island before the storm roared through. Can’t wait to see what he got. The photo here is one of his shots from last year: A Canada Warbler.

  That’s it for today’s post. You-all guys keep on keeping on, and I’ll try to do the same. Raising prayers for your health and safety. 


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