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Sunday, July 23, 2023

From the archives

 cj Sez: Did you know it doesn’t have to cost a dime to encourage an author?
  What follows are a few tips about how to show your support for writers, at a little or no cost, whether you’re a writer or a reader.

If you’re a writer and have your own blog, invite guest bloggers. Lyrical Pens does do that, though we haven’t been graced with a guest for a few weeks. (Read the invitations in the Lyrical Pens banner above and again below.) 

When you have a guest scheduled on your blog, send out “Coming Attractions” promotions on other social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter, et al. Be sure to give your guest blogger space to say something about their books.

  Be willing to give the author’s work a fair review. Be kind but be honest.

  If you know an author who just wants to just sit and talk, grab a chair and listen. Writing is a lonely occupation, and most other people don't understand.

  Encourage each other. Writing is not a competition; everyone can be successful.

  And here’s a little marketing tip: If you’re a yet-to-be-published writer and don’t have a business card, get one. Hand it out to agents, workshop instructors, fellow writers, wherever you have an opportunity to network. Get your name out there as early as possible (Facebook and blogs, too) so they can watch for your new release. Some variation of the one that follows is my suggestion:

Name  Jane Doe, Author
Writer of XXX (literary fiction, historical fiction, non-fiction, YA, romance, whatever)
eMail address
website address
Now, if you’re a reader (and since writers are also readers, I guess this applies to everyone), here’s some easy tips for you . . .
“Like” and comment on authors' posts on their Facebook pages. Facebook's algorithms only show posts that FB thinks other members would like to see. That means the more likes and comments a post gets, the more people will see it.
Go to book signings, even if you can’t afford to buy the book at that time. Your attendance is ever so encouraging. I’ve been to book signings where the author and I were the only two people there. On the other hand, I was one of the authors at a local indie book store and because fans and friends showed up, the afternoon sped by and was fun—even though I didn’t sell a book.

  If you’ve got some good ideas on how best to encourage authors to keep writing, let me know. I’ll pass along the information and credit you as the source.

News from the Killer Nashville conference: An announcement of the finalists for their 2023 Silver Falchion Awards.
“The judges have finally agreed! Here are the 2023 Killer Nashville Silver Falchion Awards Finalists for Best Book of 2022. This year's winners will be announced at our Killer Nashville Awards Dinner on Saturday, August 19th at the Killer Nashville Awards Ceremony in Nashville, Tennessee.”
  Find out if an author you love to read is listed here:


  Invitation: Writers, if you have a book launch coming up and want to schedule a post on Lyrical Pens for your blog tour, drop me a note. (PG13, please.)

On the Personal News Front: The Mobile Writers Guild is on summer hiatus (no formal meetings) and a few of our members met at the Bluegill restaurant yesterday for our July Drink & Scrawl. Good time, good food, good camaraderie. And we were all extremely happy to be seated inside the restaurant when a heavy-duty, lightning-filled, fierce-winds storm suddenly roared across Mobile Bay. 

  An hour later, it was still storming on my way home. About 20 mph was top speed in some places because wind-blown rain was strafing the roads in thick sheets, the windshield wipers were having a hard time keeping up, and vehicles were having trouble staying in their water-covered lanes. Took me an hour to go less than 20 miles. That was a white-knuckle adventure, and I’m happy to report that my friends made it home slowly and safely.

  That’s it for this week’s post. You-all guys keep on keeping on, and I’ll try to do the same. Raising prayers for a happy and safe summer…with lots of time for reading!


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  1. cj, as usual you're chock full of useful information for writers and readers. Thanks for the tips.

    1. cj Sez: I love learning that someone may have found a nugget in my posts. Thanks for stopping by, Rebecca, and thanks mucho for taking the time to comment!


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